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LinkedIn Training

The way to success on LinkedIn is implement a strategy tailored specifically to YOUR business, industry, structure, and objectives.

We have developed programs focused on different types of Linkedin

• Business Owners, Directors & Entrepreneurs
• Marketers and Comms Professionals
• Sales Teams
• Corporate Teams

LinkedIn Foundations For Growth

Whilst each session takes a different path as we align LinkedIn to your business, audience and objectives. The overall structure we follow will cover the following Linkedin Foundations For Growth that form part of your strategy.

LinkedIn Foundations For Growth covers:

• Creating A Profile That Is a Client Magnet
• Crafting your network
• Content Creation That Engages Your Audience
• How different organisational roles use LinkedIn
• Company pages and events
• LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator and Advertising

This training is also available as an online course

LinkedIn Training For Business Owners, Directors and Entrepreneurs

The maxim that ‘people buy from people’ still holds true
The focus for business owners, entrepreneurs, directors is about building your personal brand.

This involves building the right profile, connections and content to attract the right kind of visibility and turning this into results that grow your business.

LinkedIn Training For Marketers and Comms Professionals

Building on the Foundations For Growth this focus helps marketing and communication professionals get the best results across their organisation from LinkedIn.

This includes Events, Company Pages and how to encourage and organise other members of the company getting involved in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Training For Sales Teams

As the largest database of decision makers in the world, sales teams take a more direct approach to building pipelines and getting potential clients.

We teach you how to do this the right way.

Including how to use the tools within LinkedIn such as Sales Navigator to identify, engage and convert leads effectively.

LinkedIn Training For Corporate Organisations

LinkedIn is an under developed communications tool for corporate organisations that struggle to get the buy in, engagement and structure to harness the power of LinkedIn.

We work with communications teams to sculpt a LinkedIn strategy that mitigates risk, has the confidence of senior management and adoption within the different levels of the organisation.


Case Studies

Elite Lawns

Elite Lawns provide landscaping design and installation services in the Milton Keynes areas. Starting in 2018 we helped create an effective advertising strategy that created a consistent stream of leads that allowed Tom to build his team from a one man band to five teams operating all year round.

Flagship Training

Flagship Training have a community for Transport Managers and Fleet Professionals. They invested in Facebook advertising to help them build their visibility, mailing list and sales pipeline with highly targeted ad campaigns. Our campaigns helped them build their sales pipeline full of transport managers and fleet managers.

Inspired Martial Arts

Inspired Martial Arts offer Children’s Martial Arts classes to children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old in Peterborough. We have been working with Inspired Martial Arts for over 3 years taking them 250 students to over 1,000 students at two locations. Our simple but effective adverts are highly targeted to the audience and deliver consistent results.