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Build Your Brand With Facebook & Instagram (Meta)

Struggling to get traction from your organic content on Facebook or Instagram?

Let us show you the best ways to build your brand organically (without advertising spend) using Meta. The name for the parent company Mark Zuckerberg created for Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp collectively.

Course Outline

Training Target

This training is aimed at business owners, directors and marketing teams looking to get clarity on how to expand their brand organically on Facebook and Instagram. Our expert team will give you content tailored to your business objectives.

What We Cover

This adaptable course is crafted to your audience and the platform and content types that will get the best results for your business. This will include advice and support on the types of content that will help you create this content as well as tools and tactics to maximise efficiency and response. As the platforms change so quickly, we will also offer insights into what is happening now as well and support and accountability to implement our plan.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of a training session you will know how to:
• Grow Your Audience Using Facebook and Instagram
• Create Content That Drives Engagement
• Plan Your Content Across Both Platforms

Course Delivery

This training can be delivered across the UK, Europe and North America:
• In-House
• Peterborough HQ
• Remotely via Zoom

Number Of Attendees

We encourage companies to involve those who will be involved in the creation and delivery of the organic content. This means we can easily accommodate 1 – 10 people on these workshops, tweaking the content and style to match the attendees.

Kristian Downer – Enterprise Nation & Facebook Accredited Trainer

Get the most up to date tactics and tips to build your brand from our Facebook accredited lead trainer Kristian Downer.
Kristian works on campaigns with Facebook, Vodafone and Enterprise Nation to help founders grow their businesses by building their digital skills.

As part of his role as a Facebook #SheMeansBusiness trainer, Kristian gets training and support direct from Facebook HQ to help achieve this mission.

Case Studies