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LinkedIn has finally launched a feature that allows you to schedule LinkedIn posts to your personal feed directly within the platform.

Founded as a recruitment and online CV tool, the platform has haphazardly evolved to become a vibrant and entertaining social media platform.

The speed of LinkedIn’s transition from recruitment and online CV website to fully fledged social media platform has been glacial at times. The launch of this tool is a welcome step in the company embracing its role in the social media space.

How To Schedule LinkedIn Posts

To schedule a LinkedIn post you simply go to your desktop or phone device and write the post as you normally do.

When you are ready you click the clock symbol next to the blue “post” button.

Illustration of how to schedule LinkedIn posts within LinkedInThis will then allow you to schedule your post and click “schedule” when you are ready.

Few People Actually Post On LinkedIn

Getting people to post more regularly is a challenge for LinkedIn.

Currently just 1% of LinkedIn users post on a weekly basis so getting people to share more is a great way for LinkedIn to increase the frequency and duration of use of the platform by users.

LinkedIn started by encouraging those already posting and building a following to embrace the launch of “Content Creator Mode” a setting that is designed to change the perception of LinkedIn to content creators and make it easier to create content and build a following.

Benefits of scheduling LinkedIn posts

The addition of LinkedIn scheduling should hopefully help make it easier for people to post at the times and frequency that fits their objectives.

Making it easier to plan content and removing the barrier to posting for people that did not want to log into LinkedIn during peak times.

This will hopefully increase the amount of people posting and the overall engagement of the platform.

You Still Have To Engage To Win On LinkedIn

Scheduling of social media posts is a great way to ensure consistency, but it does not replace the power of human engagement.

Scheduling and posting in general needs to be paired with engagement activity with your community. Otherwise, there is a risk that your LinkedIn will become an isolated mass of users posting into an echo chamber.