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Posting organic content that boosts your visibility and builds a reputation is key on LinkedIn.

There are four main channels for which we have put together a rough guide on how often you should post on LinkedIn for each one.

Infographic guide to how often to post on LInkedIn. Covers posting to profiles, stories and LinkedIn company pages

Profile Home Feed

Your profile home feed is the main area that people view when they come to LinkedIn and the most important place to post content on LinkedIn.

Posts you make via your profile should tell stories about you, the work that you do, who you do it for as well as sharing professional insights.

Posting to the profile home feed will potentially expose your content to your connections and those as well.

The common misconception is that you need to post constantly to succeed on social media. It is actually quality content put in front of the right audience that gets results. Especially on LinkedIn where content is shown after a wider period of time (up to a week).

This is why we recommend a minimum posting frequency of once per week.

We have also found that posting too many posts actually causes posts to fail, so we have set our recommended maximum posting frequency to once per day.

We gave set our ideal posting frequency to 2 -3 times per week, the reason for this being to encourage consistency and quality whilst not overburdening you with social media

  1. Image of the LinkedIn Profile Home Feed

Company Page Feed

The company page is the place to post updates and stories about your company with more of a corporate feel than the personal content that we would recommend for your profile home feed.

As the company page ranks highly for your company name we recommend that companies post regularly to show that the business is active. This is why we have set the minimum post frequency to once per fortnight so there are not long periods between posting that may ring alarm bells. Like the personal profile, you do not want to overload the page with content focusing on quality.

Therefore our maximum posting frequency recommendation is once per day.

The need to balance the effectiveness of the content within the algorithm to get maximum reach and the investment of time means our ideal posting frequency is once per week.

Image of LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn stories are posts made by mobile that are only visible for 24 hours.

The jury is out with LinkedIn Stories as to whether they provide a return on investment from a profile or company page perspective.

Therefore we have set no minimum posting frequency as we do not think it is critical to a successful strategy at this time. We recommend that you post as often as you feel comfortable and our maximum and ideal posting frequencies are that you do as much or as little as fits with your overall social media persona.

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