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Finding the time to manage your own social media can be difficult. Hiring a social media management company that understands your market and what will work for you will save you time and generate additional revenue for the business.

So, who is the best social media management company in Peterborough for your business?

The best social media management company is dependent on the needs of your business and what you want to achieve. You can work with specialist companies that offer social media management or those that offer it as part of their full service offerings such as web designers and marketing strategists.

Here are just some of your options in Peterborough filtered by the core business of the company.

Who is the best social media management company in Peterborough

Web Designers

Geek Designs

One of the highest companies on the Google rankings when you search for Social Media Management are Geek Designs.

In the past we have worked with them on training their team on LinkedIn Marketing best practice.

We trust them as social media managers as we work closely with them, they designed the website that you are reading and are experts in what they do.

Website –

Joseph Creative

Active on the local networking scene Joseph Creative provide social media management as part of their wide range of digital services which include Web Design.

Company founder Joseph Reilly gives talks at local networking meetings particularly about LinkedIn and the company offer services across the main social media platforms.

Website –

Marketing Strategists

Creative Marketing Studio

The Creative Marketing studio are a marketing and PR consultancy working with some of the most recognisable corporate and hospitality venues in the city.

Social media management is something they provide to support their clients implement their strategic vision.

We have a great relationship with the Creative Marketing Studio and partner with Shelley and her team on projects large and small including the Peterborough’s Men’s Mental Health Day which hopefully will be taking place on the 8th of April.

Website –

Streets Marketing Agency

Streets Marketing are marketing strategists based not far from Peterborough in Stamford.

They provide marketing strategies for large and small businesses in the region offering social media management as part of their service matrix to deliver the strategies they create.


Social Media Specialists

Really Social Media

Really Social Media have a great name for a social media management business. One of their specialities is content creation for the restaurant industry.

They also have an app they created in house for social media approvals that makes them different from many of the other social media management companies out there.

Website –

Creative Content Company

One of the most well known social media management companies is the Creative Content Company run by Hazel Cottrell. Hazel is heavily involved in the networking community and has won numerous awards for her charity and community work.

Website –

Ivy Rose Agency

A full-service market agency Ivy Rose have a strong background in social media which is why we put them in the specialists category.

Website –

About The List

The above is not an exhaustive list, but they are some of the companies providing social media management for clients in Peterborough. Apologies to any of the reputable companies that have not made it on to the list.

Feel free to email us to discuss further

Who Is The Best Social Media Management Company In Peterborough

Finding the right social media management company is a very personal decision that depends on many different factors.

We recommend that you speak to more than one company and make sure they understand your business and what you want to achieve before committing to a management contract. A short term trial contract can be a great way to find out if you are a fit.

Good luck in your search, there are plenty in Peterborough suited to every budget and level of ambition.

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