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We will be attending the TubeFest video marketing conference on the 23rd of May 2024 to build our knowledge and keep up with the latest video marketing trends.

When Is TubeFest Video Marketing Conference

The TubeFest Video Marketing Conference is being held on the 23rd of May 2024 at Eastside in Birmingham, UK.

Why We Will Be Attending

We will be attending for several reasons.

  1. To Keep Up With Change – Video marketing is changing fast, we want to keep up with the creative and business aspects
  2. To Keep Learning – lifetime access to recordings means we can build our skills over time, even if we miss something on the day
  3. Expert Speakers – The speaking lineup is great and we are connected with a few so will be great to catch up
  4. Networking – Marketing conferences are a great place to meet potential collaborators
  5. No pitching – There is always more value with speakers focused on content not pitching
  6. Support UK Conferences – If we want quality conferences in the UK we need to support them
  7. Party – There is going to be a party, what more of an excuse do we need
Ticket Information

Training without implementation is just entertainment.

Which is why we love that we will get access to the recordings as will help us learn about and apply new strategies covered in the sessions.

Moreover, we see it as a platform to explore potential partnerships and collaborations, expanding our network within the vibrant UK video marketing community.