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Social media coaching involves hiring an expert to improve your business performance by providing focus and accountability to your social media marketing.  

Your coach will help you analyse your business and build a social media strategy aligned with achieving your overall business and marketing objectives. 

A vital element of a successful social media coaching relationship is the coach regularly holding you accountable for the actions you have set out to implement your strategy. 

Individual vs Group Coaching

Depending on your timeline, budget and objectives, you can work with a coach individually or as part of a group. 

Individual coaching is excellent for those looking for a focused and in-depth examination of their business. The one-to-one nature of this coaching delivers higher-level support.

Group coaching focuses on your unique situation less but is more cost-effective and gives you access to a broader range of experiences, perspectives and support. 

Social Media Training

Social media changes quickly, and regular coaching can identify knowledge gaps and training requirements.

This training works best when focused on the social and marketing objectives of the business.

Depending on the knowledge and style of your social media coach, they may include social media training as an additional service or roll it in as part of their offering.

Finding A Social Media Coach

Your social media coach will be an experienced expert with a proven track record of support guiding businesses to get results.

Recommendations from trusted business contacts are a great place to start. Social media can also be helpful as you can get a good feel for the coach’s style and knowledge before enquiring.

Vetting A Social Media Coach

The changing nature of social media and the relative infancy of specific coaching within the field means that there are few, if any, formidable social media coaching qualifications. 

Gauging the quality of your social media coach will be split between their compatibility to work with you and help you achieve your goals and their technical knowledge.

Look for key indicators such as their professional track record, testimonials and reputation to determine if your social media coach knows their stuff and is compatible with you and your business.

Social Media Coaching Cost

The cost of social media coaching depends on many different factors. 

These include whether you go for individual or group coaching, the experience and reputation of the coach, whether you meet virtually or online and the duration of sessions. 

The defining factor should be the impact that the coach is going to have on your business. An investment in social media coaching will be looked at in the context of the results generated for your business.