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Social Media Training

At DowSocial we like to collaborate with other businesses, particularly those that share our passion for helping businesses grow.

That is why we are proud to regularly deliver a training course at Tech UK, an organisation that represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow.

In association with Advantage Business Partnerships who we have been working with since right at the beginning of our journey, we were able to help marketing executives at some of the countries leading tech firms, understand the power social media can have within their organisation.

About The Social Media Training Course

The concept of the course is that staying up to date and being successful on social media is becoming increasingly challenging as social platforms change and evolve. Online audiences are bombarded daily with hundreds of messages and online content, making the task of measuring ROI (return on investment) rather challenging.

Typical attendees are marketers, community managers, PR professionals, publishers and account managers.

The last course was called “Social Media Uncovered” and the course was designed to help marekters

  • Design a systematic social media strategy plan
  • Choose the right social media platforms to use
  • Confidently use content and communication strategies that work
  • Adapt the language and tones to suit each social media platform
  • Integrate social media and offline marketing methods
  • Understand the methods and tools to generate new leads
  • Track and measure social media campaign success or failure

We really enjoy these sessions as Tech UK have a brilliant space for training and co-working and the audiences are focused on bringing growth to their organisations and putting the accountability in place to ensure the systems discussed are successfully implemented in a sustainable.

DowSocial deliver training courses across the UK.

If you would live to know more about our social media training courses email or call us on 01733 306335


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