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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a scary term for business owners.

They have spent countless hours and often thousands of pounds chasing the magical elixir that will rank their website at the top of Google.

Do you find the idea of SEO terrifying?

We thought we would share with you some thoughts about SEO and also what we consider to be the Best SEO Book for Business Owners

The Core Concept Of SEO

It does not have to be this complicated we just have to remember that the objective of Google is to match searchers with the most relevant content and FAST!

Whilst there is a jargon filled technical aspect, we need to remember that people come to our website or buy our product or service as they have a pain they need solving or an aspiration they would like to achieve.

The right technical set up so Google and others can access our website and tell others about what you do is important, but equally it is critical that your website answers the questions that your potential customers have.

This will give you a fighting chance of Google signposting people to your website when they type or now speak their question into Google.

The book that helped us put SEO into context is They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan. Rather than focusing on the technical aspects it focused on the story and the content that we need to be creating and publishing on our websites to attract potential Customers

The book is a case study driven review of how you can use the content on your website to ask the questions that potential customers have about your product or service and the impact that can have on your web traffic and more importantly sales.

What we love is that this is not just a business coach or speaker talking about theoreticals, the author talks from personal experience from implementing the ideas within their business and working with others to get the same results.

There are some challenging ideas for many business owners around pricing and potential objections. These will require a mindset shift but all we can say to that is that we are now implementing this strategy within our business and it could be you are reading this now for that reason.

They Ask You Answer By Marcus Sheridan


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