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Facebook Pixel

Less than 1 in 20 site visits results in action so it’s vital you can continue the conversation enter the Facebook Pixel.

Without a name, email address or phone number this is not be possible to do with someone who has visited your bricks and mortar store, picked up a leaflet, magazine or brochure.

The solution is retargeting; Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all have pieces of code (cookies) that you can install on your website to track, segment and retarget visitors to your website using their platform.

The result is that a visit to your website is no longer the beginning, middle and end of your interaction. It is just the start of a journey that will build knowledge, trust and ultimately lead to an action that moves them to the next step of your sales funnel.

If you are running Facebook ads but do not have the Facebook pixel installed and know how to use it then I suggest you stop the ads immediately until you have rectified the situation.

The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is great as you can track different behaviours from the visit to the website, this data can be used to turn a cold website visitor into a warm lead.

Key Website Behaviours

  • Reads a specific blog post
  • Visits a landing page
  • Adds a product or service to their basket
  • Converts into a lead or a sale

If someone visits your blog about how to save money on buying product X, you can now run adverts promoting either your downloadable educational PDF all about the product or directly to a sales landing page.

With the right set up these funnels can be automated and dynamic meaning that once set up with the right ad content they are a lead generating machine.

You can check Facebook Pixel installation here

The Power Of The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel can be used at all levels of your sales funnel.

Successful retargeting will increase your conversions by showing adverts and content to only those that have shown an interest in your product or service.

This will, in turn, reduce your cost per acquisition due to higher conversion rates, but you will also pay less for your ads as Facebook will see them as more relevant and know exactly who to show them to.

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