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An SSL certificate is a data file that encrypts the connection between a user and the website as a security measure.

You can tell that a site is secure as the website url with have an ‘s’ in it to indicate it is a secure webpage and on most browsers, a padlock will also be displayed in the address bar of certain browsers.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate can be bought from a web hosting company who will make the changes required to encrypt and secure your website. The type of certificate varies depending on the type of business your run and the data you process. For a simple certificate, there are some great discounts available at the moment as companies try and induce new customers.

Why Should My Website Have An SSL Certificate

The advantages of having an SSL certificate on your website are;

  • Protects the sensitive information on your website visitors
  • Positive impact on the SEO ranking of your website
  • Builds trust with current and prospective customers

If you operate an e-commerce website that takes payment then an SSL certificate is vital to secure the information of your customers using your site. However the trust and potential search engine impact mean that an SSL certificate can be a solid investment for businesses serious about their online presence.

Do I Need A Security Certificate For My Business To Rank On Google?

There is evidence that an SSL certificate can have a positive impact on the search engine ranking of your business.

As far back as 2014 Google reported that having a security certificate would act as a minor ranking factor. Whilst the exact benefit is not easy to define, the internet is a hostile place and a security certificate is a solid signal that your website can be trusted.

It seems logical that Google will increase the importance of having a secure website over time, it is our prediction that over time a security certificate could become as important as having a mobile-friendly site.


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