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Social media management software tools can help you take control of the social media in your business and create a consistent and effective presence for your business.

We have used two of these types of software in our business Hootsuite and Sendible. Allowing us to analyse each platform and advise which one we think is best for small businesses to use to get control of their social media.

This analysis is focused around our belief that a good social media software tool will allow you to

  • Seamlessly create content across multiple social media platforms
  • Get posts approved by managers or clients
  • Schedule content into the future
  • Monitor your social media inboxes efficiently
  • Manage and assign tasks within your team

Social Media Scheduling Tools - Hootsuite vs Sendible

Hootsuite vs Sendible In 2021

The title sets this up as a competition but in OUR opinion this is generous as the benefits of Hootsuite pale into insignificance to Sendible which make it our default recommendation to small business owners looking to take control of their social media.

This is a change in our position a few years ago as platforms like Sendible have evolved and improved whereas Hootsuite has stagnated.

Whilst Hootsuite is still a decent product, the comparative quality to what is in the market has decreased whilst the monthly subscription has increased. This is why we moved our business from Hootsuite to Sendible as the platform we use in our business and recommend to others.

Price and Feature Comparison

From a pricing perspective Hootsuite and Sendible are comparable at the entry level but for small agencies or larger companies Sendible is much more cost effective as you connect social media profiles and users.



Sendible Pricing

Why We Love Sendible

Pricing is important but it is the features that give Sendible the edge over Hootsuite, particularly the ones below.

Priority Inbox

The first one is the priority inbox which shows you the most recent comments and messages across your connected social media channels making it easy to find and respond to them quickly and effectively.


The reporting available via Hootsuite has always been a negative for the platform. Even Sendible’s entry subscriptions have easy to use and understand reporting that make it easy to understand the performance of your business on social media.

Sendible Reports Hub Dashboard

Repeat Schedule Posts

One of the features that reduces the amount of time required to manage social media is the ability to schedule posts to repeat at a certain time and day. This is ideal for evergreen content that never goes out of fashion and creates a good baseline for content to ensure consistency. Particularly when using a content-hungry platform such as Twitter where content quickly dissapears and can be reused relatively frequently.

Chrome Scheduling Tool

Although Hootsuite has the same functionality we love being able to use a chrome plugin to share content. When you are on a webpage you want to share you can just click the plugin and it will generate a post with a link for the post included. This can then be amended, scheduled and posted quickly making the process of finding content fast and effective.

Instagram Compatibility

Instagram has always been a tougher platform for social media management software, however with Sendible posting and scheduling posts is quick and simple. This gives the platform an advantage over many of the available social media platforms although we are sure this will change as the platforms continue to evolve.

The final reason we love Sendible is the fact the company is based in the UK ?? In uncertain times buying local is as important as ever

Thinking about trying Sendible?

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