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I attended Social Media Marketing World 2024 (SMMW24) in San Diego and wanted to share the key themes and insights that will shape your business in the next 12 months.

Whilst it is impossible to share everything I learned, here are five key insights/themes we took from the conference.

Key Themes & Insights


Insight #1 – AI Adoption Will Determine Future Of Your Business

Almost every talk contained a thread around the impact or use of AI to improve our results as marketers or business owners.

From enhancing customer interactions with sophisticated chatbots to leveraging AI for creating compelling content at scale, the message was clear: AI is not just an optional tool but a cornerstone for the next evolution in marketing.

Understanding how to implement AI in your business could be the difference between growth or regression over the next 12 months.

Key SpeakersAndy Crestodina Paul Roetzer Judi Fox Andrew Davis

Insight #2 – Video Dominates Social With A Format Paradox

The narrative from the conference was twofold: short-form videos continue to captivate audiences on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, while YouTube holds its ground as the go-to for long-form content.

That is not to say that TikTok, in particular, are not looking at evolving to provide a wider range of formats and challenge YouTube’s long-form dominance.

This duality makes it clear that our audience has divergent content consumption behaviours dependent on their motivation and position in our marketing cycle.

This is a call to action for marketers to diversify their content strategies, ensuring they meet their audience wherever they are with content that sparks engagement and connection.

Key SpeakersSean Cannell Diana Gladney Brian G. Johnson Ben Amos

Insight #3 The Marketing Flywheel Over the Sales Funnel

A pivotal shift discussed by Latasha James was moving from the traditional sales funnel to embracing the flywheel model.

This approach, which creates a self-sustaining cycle of engagement, delight, and advocacy, heralds a more holistic view of the customer journey.

It’s about building momentum by investing in continuous customer satisfaction and engagement, transforming customers into brand advocates.

This evolution from a linear to a cyclical model is a fascinating transition, emphasising the importance of nurturing long-term customer relationships for sustainable growth.

Key SpeakerLatasha James Jera Foster-Fell (Jera Bean)

Insight #4 User-Generated Content Fuels Engagement and Growth

The emphasis on User-Generated Content (UGC) spotlighted the invaluable authenticity it brings to brand narratives.

UGC means that your content creators do not need to have a million subscribers or followers but an interesting story to share.

Encouraging customers to share their experiences is not just about amplifying your message; it’s about embedding your brand into the fabric of genuine, community-shared stories.

UGC stands as a testament to a brand’s impact, fostering a sense of trust and community that’s more persuasive than any traditional marketing could hope to be.

Key SpeakerMelissa Laurie

Insight #5 – Consistency of Action and Message is Key

The last key insight/theme was around consistency, both consistency of action and consistent brand messaging.

Maintaining a consistent brand message across the ever-expanding universe of social media platforms is vitally important.

As we explore new trends and platforms, the integrity of our brand’s voice and message must remain inviolate.

This consistency is the bedrock upon which trust and recognition are built, ensuring that no matter where our audience encounters us, they receive the same unwavering message of who we are and what we stand for.

Key Speakers: Michael (Mike) Stelzner Joe Pulizzi Keenya Kelly

Social Media Marketing World 2024 – Final Thoughts

From day one of the conference, it was clear that businesses need to adapt, innovate, and implement to succeed.

The quality level of the content was high, and there was an incredible amount of insight I could go away and implement in my business and our clients’ businesses.

You can get your ticket for 2025 here –