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Linkedin has often been ignored by social media marketing conferences who focus on the sexier topics of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

It was nice to see that Social Media Marketing World in San Diego had taken it seriously as there were 3 LinkedIn Marketing experts we saw speak.

Each delivered a different but insightful look at how you can use LinkedIn marketing as part of your business.

Review of the LinkedIn Speakers at #SMMW20

LinkedIn Speakers panel at #SMMW20

John Nemo – “How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn Without Being Sleazy”

Writer of the book LinkedIn Riches, John is focused on generating leads on LinkedIn without the sleaze or boring automation.

He delivered a high energy talk speaking with passion, charisma and used case studies at #SMMW20. The focus of which was how you can use your personality combined with deep-level research can build rapport with highly targeted prospects quickly.

What I really liked was how he punctuated his presentation with case studies that show the theory in action.

Key Takeaways – The need to use research and make your outreach about your clients and the power of personalised video to create connection and rapport.

See His Book LinkedIn Riches

A J Wilcox – “How To Create LinkedIn Ads That Work”

LinkedIn ads can be a bit of an enigma, however one voice that is clearly explaining them and defining who they can work for is AJ Wilcox.

His talk was the clearest breakdown of LinkedIn ads we have ever seen.

AJ spoke about the criteria that make LinkedIn viable as well as the ad formats and ad styles that work. Then focusing in on the power of the targeting available, without ignoring the limitations and frustrations of the platform.

I was fortunate to chat with him informally after the conference and will continue to follow his insights on utilising LinkedIn ads.

Key Takeways – Only products/services with a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of over £15k have the potential to deliver ROI using LinkedIn ads.

Find Out More –  blog on how to succeed with LinkedIn ads

Viveka Rosen – How To Create A LinkedIn Content Strategy That Attracts Your Ideal Prospects

Creating awesome content on LinkedIn can have a huge impact on the success of your business so it is well worth following what does and does not work.

During her talk Viveka broke down the anatomy of the perfect post, which we loved as she had labeled the style and technique we had been using in a clear and easy to understand way.

A few other gems in her talk were around hacks for your profile and connecting with your perfect prospect.

Key Takeaways – Try setting your profile default to “Follow” rather than “Connect” and the anatomy of a perfect post.

See Her BookLinkedIn An Hour A Day

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