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On the 14th of April, we are running a marketing workshop in Peterborough at the Allia Future Business Centre between 09:30am and 1pm.

The focus will be to give you practical insights on keeping your marketing relevant and profitable as marketing rapidly changes due to changes in AI, social media and consumer trends.

Objective: To provide the tools, strategies, and expert insights to drive your business marketing in a rapidly changing landscape.

Who Should Attend: Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to future-proof their marketing strategy and boost their success.

Reasons To Attend

Learn from Top Industry Experts 🌟 Leading local marketing experts will share their knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to help you stay on top of the rapid changes in the field.

Access Grant Funding 📈 Find out from GrowthWorks, how you can get grant funding to invest in your marketing

Get actionable insights 🎯 Training without action is just entertainment; speakers will give you things you can go away and implement.

Be Inspired ✨ Be around experts and others that want to grow their businesses and get the skills and confidence to implement change in your business.

Build Your Network 🤝 With more than 100 local businesses already registered, there will be many opportunities to network.

Access Marketing Grant Funding

Grant funding is currently available for businesses with 3+ employees based in Cambridgeshire to invest in marketing consultancy, training and support.

Providers Growthworks will be here on the day to tell you more about the scheme and help you get access to funds.

Find out more –

What You Will learn

We have five speakers delivering interactive and engaging seminars, workshops and keynotes.

The event will start at 09:30 and end at 1pm with plenty of opportunities to network, share ideas and ask questions.

How Marketing is Changing ⚙

We have brought together local experts to tell you what is changing and how you can take advantage by adapting and taking action.

Get your head around AI-Driven Marketing 🤖

Learn how to harness the power of AI to gain a competitive edge in your industry by working smarter and faster.

Boost Your Social Media Results 📱
Find out how to optimize your social media strategy and generate better engagement, leads, and sales.

Dominate Google with SEO & PPC 💻

Understand how search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising relate to opportunities in your business. Our experts will guide you through the latest techniques and best practices.

Maximise Marketing & Customer Value 📈

Effectively integrate email marketing and CRM systems into your overall business strategy. Gain insights into nurturing leads, retaining customers, and maximizing your marketing ROI to ensure long-term success.


Kristian Downer – DowSocial – Marketing Strategy & Social Media

Kristian is the founder of DowSocial and delivers strategic marketing insights with a social media focus. He will speak about the changing marketing dynamics and how to leverage social media in a turbulent environment.

Ashleigh Butler – Geek Designs – SEO & PPC

Ashleigh is an expert in all things Google; she and her colleague Ian will share insights into the right mindset to succeed using Google and answering your questions.

Ian Bridgestock – Geek Designs – SEO & PPC

Co-Founder of Geek Designs, Ian will discuss the Google mindset and answer your web-based questions.

Tim Davies – Projekt Rising – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everyone claims to be an AI expert these days. Tim Davies has been talking about AI long before ChatGPT made it cool.

Giving a practical overview of what you need to know about AI and what to do to turn AI into a profitable part of your business

David Mallinder – Gemini Blue – CRM

The right software can help you convert leads, boost customer retention and maximise revenue.

David works with companies to help them find and implement the right CRM software to make this happen.

He will speak about the right software for your business and how to implement it successfully.

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