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Politics & Social Media

Politics & social media don’t mix so if you are thinking of using your professional social media presence to talk about politics then tread carefully.

Reputation management should be a vital part of your digital activity and it is important to consider how the opinions you express, particularly the political ones will be perceived by your target audience.

Whatever your political beliefs it has been harder and harder to keep politics and business separate given the publicity that elections on both sides of the pond have elicited on both sides of the political divide. However when it comes to protecting your professional reputation then it may be better to remember that politics & social media don’t mix when it comes to your professional reputation management.

We live in turbulent political times and it is only natural people want to discuss what is happening in the world. However many of the posts I see seem to be self-destructive and constitute a strategic misstep when building a professional reputation.

There is a place for politics within your professional sphere, to explore the impacts of policies, trends or cultures on the economy, business practices or your business but you must tread a fine line.

Politics & Social Media – Once You Go Personal You Fall Into The Abyss

The golden rule I use is that personal opinions are risky on your business focussed online presence.

Whether you are liberal, conservative a lefty, a righty or a straight down the middler the chances are that any political thoughts you share on your business social media channels are going to split opinion.

Take Brexit for example if you are in the UK and post a strong and/or controversial post on this topic you are probably going to alienate around half the people on your timeline.

Even if you are 100% behind your post and its sentiment is it worth dividing opinion just to get your voice heard?

So whatever your views on politics it may be better for your career/business/emotional health if you take a second, breathe and share your views somewhere else.

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