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Peterborough business centre reviews of the modern serviced offices, high speed internet access and flexible options for growth available in the city.

Just off the A1, with high speed connectivity and a growing population there has never been a better time to be building a business in Peterborough.

Having run our business from the city and been based in no fewer than 4 of the business centres in the list below, we feel qualified to give an honest review and how they may fit where you are in the lifecycle of your business.

Peterborough Business Centre Amenities

What makes a good business centre depends on the size and needs of your business. It is also likely to evolve over time as your business grows or the circumstances/needs of your business change.

The pandemic has accelerated this change and the role of the business centre has evolved with companies often ditching larger offices they own to get comfortable

Virtual and Co-Working Spaces

For start ups or solo person businesses a virtual office to register the business and avoid having to put your home address on the internet is the most important thing.

The next level up is co-working space, for those looking to escape the home office from time to time and collaborate. A great solution for businesses that either have an infrequent need for an office or miss the hum of an active office.

There are plenty of virtual and co-working facilities in the city.

Comfortable Cafe With Cosy Tables

A good cafe is a huge benefit for any business centre.

If the coffee is decent and there are quiet spaces it can be a great place to meet business contacts, potential clients or get a change of scenery to inspire creative thinking.

Serviced Office Space

A range of serviced office spaces is a great way for businesses to grow from a virtual office/co-working space to a dedicated office for their team. The wider the range and affordable options the better served a centre is to recruit and retain successful business tenants.

Meeting and Conference Room Space

Being able to hire meeting and conference rooms give great flexibilty for small and large businesses to hold in-person meetings for remote meetings. They can also be used to run seminars and business conferences.

Peterborough Business Centre Meeting Room

Conference Room at Allia Future Business Centre

Plenty Of Parking

Limited parking is a killer for business centres.

A minimum requirement should be ample parking for tenants and plenty of low hassle parking for visitors, as the last thing you want is to have to cut short a meeting as the potential client has to go pay for parking or gets back to their car to find a fine.

Hi-Speed Internet

It is impossible to run a business centre without high speed internet for visitors and tennants.

Fortunately Peterborough is at the forefront of high-speed internet with many of the business centres listed enjoying gigabit speed internet.

On Site Gyms and Services

Modern business centres are developing into more than just office spaces. Peterborough has business centres that include gyms, physios, barbers and beauty therapists. There are even creches and nusery’s so you can work not far from your young family.

These are not mandatory for most businesses but depending on your situation can be hugely convenient perks.

Peterborough Business Centre Reviews & Recommendations

We have reviewed the following Peterborough business centres and made recommendations for various types of business.

Virtual Offices Co-Working Café Serviced Offices Meeting Rooms Conference Room Hi Speed Internet Gym Parking
Allia Future Business Centre YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO MOSTLY
Eco Innovation Centre YES NO NO YES YES NO YES NO NO
Brightfield Business Hub YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Lynchwood Business Park NO NO NO YES YES NO YES YES YES

Allia Future Business Centre –  PE2 8AN

Based at the back of Peterborough United Football ground, the Allia is a modern, airy and professional business centre with office space, meeting rooms and arguably the best business centre coffee shop in the city.

There is parking but it can get a bit crowded at peak times and be limited on days when Posh are playing at home.

Perfect as a location for a virtual office the serviced offices have limited availability. The key strength of the Allia Future Business centre are its meeting and conference rooms. Particularly the large conference room with a view out over the football stadium pitch.

Virtual Office Cost – from £47.50

Co-Working – From £50 p/m

Dedicated Desk – £180 + VAT

Serviced Office Costs – Available on request

No photo description available.

Eco-Innovation Centre – PE1 1SA

The Eco-Innovation Centre is a small business centre located in a grade II listed building right in the centre of Peterborough. Our first ever office was located on the first floor and the building will always have a fond place in our heart.

There are serviced offices and meeting room space and high-speed internet but it is the lack of parking that lets this business centre down.

Virtual Office Cost – From £30 p/m

Serviced Office Cost – From £300 p/m

Eco Innovation Centre Peterborough Business Centre

Kristian presenting at Eco Innovation Centre in 2015

Brightfield Business Hub – PE2 6XU

The Brightfield Business Hub is one of the largest business centres in Peterborough with the largest range of amenities for businesses large and small.

Located just off the A1 it is close to the city and the main business districts, we currently utilise the co-working space.

In addition to more than 30 competitively priced serviced offices, a co-working space and plenty of parking. The site also boasts a gym, warehouse, children’s nursery, meeting and conference rooms.

Virtual Office Cost – From £30 p/m

Co-Working/Dedicated Desk – From £50 p/m

Serviced Office Cost – From £275 p/m

No photo description available.

Conference room for a DowSocial event in 2019

Pinnacle House – PE1 5YD

Pinnacle House is a business centre in the Fengate area of the city focused on fully furnished serviced offices and virtual offices. There are some meeting rooms but no conference centre or cafe.

Overall though it is a professional and accessible business centre with high speed internet and a wide range of serviced office spaces available.

Virtual Office Cost – £50 p/m

Co-Working – From £50 p/m

Serviced Office Cost – Available on request

Stuart House – Regus

Located in the centre of the city, Stuart House is a modern commercial building home to high profile professional services businesses and the Regus business centre.

Membership allows access to the Regus branch across the world, and you can choose from businesses lounges and private offices. However, there is a premium for the location and parking for the offices is extremely limited.

Office Space – From £ 200 per person per month

Coworking –From £ 188 per person per month

Virtual Offices – From £ 80 per month

Meeting Rooms – From £26 per hour

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