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Sceptical about the meritocracy of the small business awards racket. We have decided to launch the DowSocial Peterborough Business Awards

Things will be a little different

There will be less fuss, more transparency and a glorious amount of flagrant nepotism.

Gone are the need to nominate your business, public votes, condescending judges and pricey awards dinners. Instead, we will showcase a selection of awesome Peterborough businesses we admire, trust and value.

Why Did We Launch Our Own Business Awards?

The small business awards concept is for the most part critically flawed.

The motivations for running these awards are either profit, nepotism or ego and tend to focus on the businesses that will help meet these objectives than decisions based on merit.

Put another way the people that win are the ones that have the best relationship with the organisers, buy the most tables at the awards dinners or invest the most in promoting the awards through public votes.

We figured there is a better way – give the “awards” to the people you like without the charade.

How The DowSocial Peterborough Business Awards 2022 Work

Without pesky nominations or the need to create a veneer of merit and judgement we are free to award the DowSocial Peterborough Business Awards 2022 to whoever we like immediately.

The criteria for the awards are our personal experiences and the actual real-world achievements and credibility that these businesses built over the last few years.

Sadly, to keep costs to zero, we have had to ditch the fancy ballroom, judges and trophies and instead offer a hardy congratulations and Canva inspired winners logo pack we discourage people from actually using.

We are celebrating the companies that we love, work with, collaborate or heck even maybe owe a favour or two. When running a business awards you have to look after the people that look after you.

Awards season is usually later in the year, but we decided to get ahead of the game and get ours sorted now.

DowSocial Business Award Prizes

We have put together an illustrious set of perks and prizes for the winners of the 2022 awards, which they can claim if they find out they have won.

  • Digital trophy and certificate
  • Packet of digestive biscuits
  • Pride

Peterborough Business Awards 2022 Winners

The categories we have decided to award are as follows.

None of the winners have been told that they have been entered/won an award, so let’s try and keep a lid on it alright?

Peterborough Business Of The Year 2022 Winners – Inspired Martial Arts

Undefeated after 3 knockdowns lockdowns, Inspired Martial Arts is an inspirational story of what a community focused business can achieve with a clear vision.

Inspired Martial Arts provide children’s and adults martial arts and fitness classes from two locations in Peterborough

IMA ran free online classes during each lockdown and managed to keep its membership high despite the uncertainty and fear. Not content with surviving they used the second lockdown to takeover the former Vic’s Gym space and transform it into a two storey Dojo with café and table gaming centre.

Having bounced back repeatedly IMA now has more than 1,000 members and employs/trains a growing number of young people within the city.

For the way they have supported their community, kept their business going and managed to thrive there could only be one winner.

Peterborough Business Of The Year - Inspired Martial Arts New Dojo PE1 Van Hage

Peterborough Restaurant Of The Year 2021 – The Pizza Parlour

We love the pizza at the Pizza Parlour that we may have spent lockdowns 1,2 & 3 living an almost entirely Bada Bing based diet. The Bada Bing being the 20” pizza that is enough to give anyone food envy.

Now that they are open again you will find us as many lunchtimes as we can enjoying the lunchtime offer of a ½ Pizza and Chips for just £5.95.

Great food at amazing prices, there could only be one winner.

Pizza Parlour Peterborough

Small Pizzas during a trip to the Pizza Parlour last year

Peterborough Web Designers of 2021 – Geek Designs

When we have a client that needs help getting their website into shape, we call Geek Designs.

Based in Werrington, Ian, Alex and the rest of the team know what our clients need to create great looking websites that also have practical uses.

They have helped countless businesses make the transition online with membership websites, ecommerce shops and the entire gambit of what you need to have a successful online presence in 2021.

Peterborough CRM Advisor 2021 – Gemini Blue

The challenge with the phrase CRM is that whilst most businesses will have heard the term, very few will have implemented one that delivers results for their business.

One person who can break down and explain what it means is David Mallinder of GeminiBlue, helping you get a handle on what you need and support making it happen.

Air Ambulance Charity Of The Year – Magpas

We have been working with Magpas for a couple of years now and they truly do incredible work saving lives across Cambridgeshire. Doctors and helicopters is a winning combination in our book.

Peterborough, 2x lorry collision – Magpas Air Ambulance flies to scene - Magpas

Categories To Be Announced

  • TBC

If you would like us to add a category or maybe even give your business an award then email with your suggestions.

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