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This week we got access to a new feature LinkedIn Showcase Services which gives businesses the option to add a section to your profile where people can find out more about the services you offer.

The section at the top of the profile is designed to “showcase” in one area what you do and contains a call to action for those interested to send you a message.

Call To Action On Your LinkedIn Profile

The interesting part of this is that you can set the feature so that people do not need to be connected to send you a message.

In a perfect world, this will open you up to more inquiries and is a step forward, however, there is a risk that it will be a beacon for spammers who will no longer need to go to the trouble of connecting to send you a message about that offer you simply cannot miss.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Showcase Services 

The set up of LinkedIn Showcase Services is relatively simple

  1. Login and go to your profile
  2. Select the category that relates to your business
  3. Click the services that you offer
  4. Make sure the box “allow members you’re not connected with to message you for free”
  5. Click Add to profile

Will LinkedIn Showcase Services Work For You?

This new feature is a step in the right direction as it creates a clearer inbound lead mechanism by adding a call to action button in the top half of your profile.

The services you can select though are quite generic and are not easy to customise. Therefore I recommend only focusing on one of the products you could potentially select so not to confuse the visitor to your profile.

A simpler profile with clearer calls to action will get more than a busy one with no clear pathway to working together.

I am unsure what specific benefit this feature will bring but look forward to testing it out and passing on my recommendations.

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