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Your LinkedIn Profile Picture is the first thing that visitors to your profile will see on LinkedIn and due possible even google image search. Considering the adage that a picture can tell a thousand words, it is vital that your LinkedIn profile picture tells the right professional story.

Whilst a professional headshot is not going to necessarily create opportunities on its own, an unprofessional or inappropriate image can damage your reputation and reduce your success rate on the platform.

Businessman with online friends network isolated on white background

Creating The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

The first thing to address is that whilst not everyone is a fan of having their picture online,  but if you are going to use LinkedIn as a professional networking and lead generation tool then an appropriate Linkedin profile picture is compulsory. The ideal dimensions for your profile picture are  500 x 500 with a minimum of 200 x 200 so you have limited space to work with, so with that in mind try and keep things simple and easy to interpret.

The Traditional Headshot Is Great But Not The Only Way

Before doing anything on LinkedIn you should consider the audience you are trying to engage with on the platform and tailor your behaviour to match.

Think of your Linkedin profile picture in the same way that you would your dress code going into the office or your place of work on a normal day. How do you want to be perceived and will you be taken seriously?

If you work in professional services then a traditional headshot is likely to be the way to go, but that does not mean everyone has to be the same. A profile picture of you in a natural working environment can also be an effective profile picture provided you can be easily identified.

As a public speaker and trainer I felt the most appropriate image would be of me giving a presentation as it shows the audience a glimpse of what I do in a professional way.

Linkedin Profile Picture of Kristian Downer

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