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New functionality means that LinkedIn events in 2021 can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy that can grow your sales and email list in 2021.

LinkedIn events have previously been difficult to use as part of a consistent and scalable sales process. The key change is that LinkedIn events are now allowing you to require attendees to register using their email address.

This is potentially game-changing for LinkedIn events as until this update it was practically impossible to convert those that clicked attending into actual attendees.

The ability to require attendees to register creates a number of opportunities for marketers

  1. Use email marketing to boost event attendance rates
  2. Where opted-in add users to ongoing marketing lists
  3. Creates a less sales intensive way of moving LinkedIn connections through your funnel.
LinkedIn event registration form example

Sample of LinkedIn Event Registration Form

Boost Attendance Rates

Having to click a button to submit their email address means that event acceptances on LinkedIn are likely to go down, but the value is going to go up. Users will know what they are signing up for and are more likely to make the mental commitment to attend.

The capture of the email address means that you can send emails with the key attendee information such as the venue, format and remind them to attend.

Build Email Marketing Lists

Although your attendees will need to opt-in this could be an effective way to build segmented marketing lists.

Turning social connections into email subscribers should be a key marketing goal. Emails are a key marketing asset that you can control lowering your reliance on reaching that connection via LinkedIn.

Move Connections Through Your Sales Funnel

Your LinkedIn connections hate being sold to. An event is a less obtrusive way of getting the attention of prospects.

If they sign up you get the opportunity to showcase what you do rather than broadcast it. his means you will be able to move connections onto your mailing lists and through your sales funnel in a more scalable and effective way than a messaging approach.


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