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Launching a new website is a significant investment for any business, it is only natural you want the world (your target audience) to know about.

Yet in a crowded marketplace, it can be hard to get people to pay attention to your exciting new piece of marketing.

Just posting to your social channels is unlikely to cut it either. This is why we recommend that you incorporate a promotional and advertising cost into the budget for any website redesign combined with other marketing efforts in the long term.

How to should you promote your new website on social media?

The principles for generating traffic for your new website are the same as with any website.

There are short-term tactics such as social media and PPC and longer-term strategies such as SEO. Success is reliant on creating high-quality content and aligning it to your audience’s pain and motivations.

Here we focus on some of the tactics that can help you get people to your new website in the short-term.

Creating high-value blog posts

Although part of a longer-term strategy, creating high-value blog posts and driving traffic to them in the short-term can be highly effective.

High-value blog posts that talk about the problems that your clients search for will help with search engine optimisation but also act as content that you can use in your social media and email marketing to drive traffic to your website.

Example – We wrote this blog on the back of launching our website as driving traffic to our new website was something that we thought a lot about. Figuring that, if it was something we were thinking about, then it would be something our audience of business owners would be too.

Creating interactive or downloadable resources

Interactive tools such as cost calculators and downloadable resources are an effective way to drive traffic to your website and build a marketing database.

Creating new resources for your new website turn your investment into something of high value

This means that using advertising spend to drive traffic to your landing pages for these resources can have three benefits.

  1. Driving your audience to your website that can be retargeted
  2. Building your mailing list
  3. Building brand awareness

Example – An accountant could have a cost calculator to their services which can be promoted on social with messaging such as “find out how much you should be paying your accountant” with the results behind an email gate

Email your list (with a reason to act)

Emailing your list of people that know your business will get a better reaction than posting on social media to strangers but giving people a reason to act will have better results.

However, you still have to give them a reason beyond how beautiful it looks.

Links to new blog content or even products/services with a reason why they are relevant is a good way to warm up your list and drive traffic.

Example – The accountant could email their list of non-customers with the list or encourage existing customers to forward this on to their contacts.

Promoted social media advertising

Social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can drive cold audiences to your new website.

In a common theme, this needs to be driven to specific areas of the website that give the audience a reason that benefits them and not your business. Set a budget and what you want to achieve to get the best results.

Social media retargeting

Social media retargeting can be used to promote your new website by

  1. Retargeting visitors to the old website
  2. Retargeting your email database of existing and potential customers
  3. Retargeting your social media engagers

These retargeting options allow you to re-ignite people that already have some familiarity with your business and drive them to your blog, resource or other reason for visiting your brand new website.

Action Plan

The core message of this blog is that fancy graphics and a sweet new UX is not enough to get people to your website.

You need a budget and a plan on how you are going to promote it and what outcome you want once people reach your site. Look at social media advertising and particularly retargeting to generate clicks and inspire action.


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