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Business blogOne of the first questions we get asked is; How often should my business blog?

With time, a limiting factor many businesses struggle to find the time and resources to post blogs regularly this is a challenge we help businesses solve through training and management.

How Regularly Should My Business Blog?

We believe that how often you blog should only be curtailed by the time you have to create the content. If you have the resources to blog every working day that is brilliant but the key is to do it regularly enough to show you are active and have plenty to say.

We, therefore, recommend the optimum blogging frequency for a business to be once a week, with the minimum blogging frequency of once a month.

If your business has a website and you are blogging at least once a month, then you are likely missing an opportunity.

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Why Your Business Should Blog Regularly

Blogging is an important part of your digital armoury as it an opportunity to Get Found, Build Trust and Drive Social Media Traffic.

Get Found (SEO)

A blog helps show Google and other search engines that you have content that is relevant to your audience which will help you rank higher for relevant terms to your audience in search rankings.

Build Trust

By blogging about things that matter to your audience and relate to your industry you are displaying knowledge and building trust. Blogging regularly shows your business is still active and has something to say.

Drive Traffic Using Social Media

Social media is used to share information and to drive your audience to your blog using social media is an effective way to build awareness of your brand and get people onto your website.

If your business is not blogging regularly enough then why not ask DowSocial to discuss creating a bespoke sample blog for your business


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