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Scheduling Social Media PostsOne of the key themes in our blogs is that time is the enemy of the small business owner or digital marketing manager, therefore the importance of scheduling social media posts cannot be underestimated.

If every business or digital marketer had to post on social media, publish blogs or send email marketing messages in real time sales of coffee and other stimulants would go through the roof.

Publishing Digital Marketing Around The Clock

With the need to publish when your audience is active, there would be a need to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whilst some business owners may do this already, there is no need to have social media piling on the misery.

Thankfully business owners and digital marketers can use scheduling to ensure that there digital efforts are ticking along even when they are resting, sleeping, or dare we even dream on holiday.

Data When Scheduling Social Media Posts

Scheduling social media posts, also allows businesses to use data analysis to post at the most effective times to reach the largest proportion of their target audience.

This ensures that businesses can maximise their digital marketing efforts and get the most from a quality over quantity approach.

What Platforms or Software To Use Scheduling Social Media Posts

There are a number of different platforms that are specifically designed to allow businesses to schedule social media posts in advance, whereas email marketing and blogging software often has this functionality built in.

As Hootsuite brand ambassadors we are huge advocates of what they do and have run training events that they have sponsored and they would be our recommendation however, Buffer and SproutSocial are also great platforms that can help you manage your social media.

Plan Ahead But Don’t Forget To Interact

By planning ahead and using social media management software platforms you are able to do a large proportion of the work you need to do on social media at one time. However as digital marketing particularly social media is an interactive platform you still need time to engage and interact with your audience.

With the bulk of the work done, this can be done a minute here or there between meetings or even on the commute home (if you are not driving).

Scheduling your social media posts can stop you becoming overloaded and make social media a manageable process for any business.


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