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One way to use ChatGPT to improve your marketing is for Facebook ad compliance.

Businesses must ensure every ad submitted complies with Facebook’s advertising policies or risk ad rejection or account suspension. 

ChatGTP can review potential advertising copy and analyse its compatibility with Facebook advertising policies. 

Using Chat GPT for Facebook Ad Compliance:

With ChatGPT, businesses can quickly check whether their ad copy complies with Facebook’s ad policy and get suggestions for compliant copy.

The process involves submitting ad copy to Facebook and writing a prompt that asks ChatGPT if the ad is compliant.

ChatGPT will give feedback on the copy’s compliance and list the reasons the ad was non-compliant.

The user can then ask ChatGPT to create a Facebook-compliant list of hooks and content for the advert. 

These hooks are designed to convey the same message as the non-compliant ad copy but are unlikely to break Facebook’s ad policy.

Benefits of Using Chat GPT for Facebook Ad Compliance:

Using ChatGPT saves time and effort in creating compliant ad copy. 

Using Chat GPT, businesses can quickly identify potential issues in their ad copy and get suggestions for compliant hooks that convey the same message. 

Allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your advertising campaigns, such as targeting and creativity.

AI Disclaimer: The information used by ChatGPT is from 2021, and Facebook’s ad policies are subject to change. We recommend that readers refer to Facebook’s official ad policy guidelines for the most up-to-date information on ad compliance. 

While Chat GPT can be a valuable tool in ensuring compliance with Facebook’s ad policies, it is essential to note that it is not a substitute for human judgment and interpretation of the policies. 

Advertisers should exercise caution and good judgment when creating ads to ensure they comply with Facebook’s ad policy at all times.


Chat GPT is an exciting tool, but marketers are just starting to scratch the surface of what it can achieve & its practical applications.

It may be tempting to worry that AI technology may impact the prospects of digital content creators. 

Facebook ad compliance is an excellent example of how knowing your subject and using AI tools will allow you to create, moderate and publish content faster than ever.

As digital advertising becomes more competitive, using tools like Chat GPT can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and maximise their advertising potential on Facebook.