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Should Businesses Wish You A Happy Valentines Day & Is It Weird?

By February 15, 2014August 10th, 2022No Comments

So Valentines Day has come and gone and whether you survived being single, had a lovely evening or had a disaster it is done for another year. You can put away the cards and the greeting card/merchandise industry machine moves onto the faux holiday.

Following a web chat with my service provider I have to ask “Should businesses wish you a happy Valentines Day?”

I had a chat with this service provider and this is how they closed a very productive web chat (service was top notch). I had a look and it seems that it is becoming the norm for companies to embrace the need to acknowledge this holiday when interacting with customers.

Weird Valentines Day Conversation

I was a little surprised and I did find it weird when a company wished me a Happy Valentines Day, but I decided to have a bit of fun with it.

Wesley was a charming chap but I was confused to his motives. Had I dazzled him with my lack of knowledge of web hosting bandwidth to the point we were flirting? Or was it the much more likely a seasonal version of the generic faux friendly Americanism like “have a nice day”.

Judging by his response it was the latter but it did get me thinking, why would a company join in with this holiday, to me it was a little bit cringe worthy.

I would always advise avoiding the risk of getting involved in these kind of welcomes as you don’t know how the customer will react and it may not seem genuine. That being said there were some good examples that you can see below.

Either way there is no risk of DowSocial wishing you a Happy Valentines Day in 2015 but we do hope you have a great day!

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