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Business Blogging – What Should I Blog About?

By August 14, 2014August 10th, 20222 Comments

Business BloggingIn the last decade blogging and business blogging has gone from nerdy hobby, to international phenomenon. It has had a permanent effect on marketing, journalism and politics.

Customers have gone from a position of weakness, where the suppliers controlled the access to information. To a position of power, where expert opinion is available to everyone, on almost any subject within seconds.

Despite it’s popularity, blogging is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Business blogging is no different, when thinking of what to write about you may be overwhelmed by  ideas or scratching your head in confusion.

The good news is that when business blogging you can talk about something that you enjoy and/or have an excellent knowledge.

Business Blogging – Telling Your Story

Your blog  is your opportunity to showcase your business, and communicate to customers what makes you different from your competitors. This can include things that motivate or inspire you, as well as blogs that focus on specific themes within your business. These blogs build familiarity between you and your customer as well as reinforcing the value that you add.

Blogs that tell your story can include case studies, market analysis and employee stories.

Business Blogging – Answering Customer Questions

When business blogging you should consider the SEO implications, when people search the internet they ask questions rather than just plugging in keywords. Therefore blogs that answer questions such as “What Should I Blog About” have a higher chance of being gaining a reach beyond your existing audience.

Blogs that answer customer questions also add to your value proposition as they reinforce your image as an expert in your field and build trust.

Blogs that answer customer questions can include how to guides, about your industry and guidance on how to react to the latest industry trends for your customers.

Entertaining Content

Social media and website is a balance between entertainment and information so posts that include lists of facts or figures are popular and highly shareable content.

This content is great for SEO as Google love shareable content and it can build trust and give an insight to the personality of your brand.

Blogs that are designed to be entertaining include, those featuring infographics, interesting industry/company fact lists.


  • Ray hodgson says:

    I have a neglected blog- Wraycroft cottages and really enjoyed article. Lots of points to ponder. Thanks

  • I always have to remind professionals that as an expert they already have a whole load of knowledge in their head that they can share. Ultimately, people are looking for a solution, most of the time, and if you can help them that goes some way towards building a follower. Once a follower its easier for them to become a customer. That is why business blogs are such a brilliant asset. To make that happen you must be willing to give before you receive.

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