Bounce Back Webinars FAQ

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DowSocial will be holding a series of FREE training events via Zoom covering a range of different social media and marketing topics

Here is an answer to the most Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Attend More Than One Meeting Do I Have To Sign Up To Each Event Individually

Yes, you should register to each individual event you want to attend

See the full schedule

Will Recordings of The Sessions Be Available?

Yes recordings of all sessions will be made available to Bounce Back Marketing Members within 24 hours of each session

What Is A Bounce Back Marketing Membership

We have set up a membership club for those that want ongoing support at an affordable fee

All the recordings, worksheets and information from the meetings will be available as well as access to a Facebook support group and access to premium content outside of the webinars

Sign Up Here

What Is The Link For The Meeting?

You should receive an email 2 hours and 10 minutes before each session


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