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The time you post on LinkedIn can make a huge impact on the engagement and number of people that see your posts. Post at the wrong time and it will feel like you are posting to an empty room whereas the right time can help your post reach its full potential.

Typically the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 8 and 10 am during midweek mornings and the worst time is Saturday evening.

We have tested this extensively and whilst some clients have target audiences with slightly different optimum times generally the best times are as above.

Our empirical evidence matches the engagement research published by SproutSocial that maps LinkedIn engagement throughout the week.

What time to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Engagement Time Theories

Our theory with this engagement is that people access LinkedIn

  • On the phone when on the commute
  • As a reflex when they login to their desktop at the start of the day
  • On their lunch break

What is not reflected in the engagement is we have found a spike towards 4-5 pm during the week and particularly on Fridays. this engagement was with posts and particularly messages. Our theory that people are finding distractions as they wind down for the day or even the week.

This can therefore be a good time to catch them when they are more relaxed with a message rather than a post.

Test Best Times To Post On LinkedIn

Whilst we have some great insight to when engagement is highest on LinkedIn as a whole, there is no guarantee that this will apply to you or your audience.

The only way to formulate a social media game plan is to continuously test and tweak to make sure you continuously get the best possible results.

Try posting at various times over an extended period to get a decent data set for analysis and focus in on what works and do less of what doesn’t.

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