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The most effective way to post on LinkedIn is directly via the desktop website or mobile app.

We appreciate this may not always be possible so thought we would share our thoughts on the Best LinkedIn Scheduling Tool For Small Businesses

The challenge of finding a good LinkedIn scheduling tool is that the platform does not seem keen for individuals or businesses to schedule content.

There is no way of doing so directly via LinkedIn and there is a challenge in getting the same quality of post via a third party app compared to posting directly.

Here are a few options


Sendible is the main scheduling tool we use within our business to organise and maintain our own social media at DowSocial.

LinkedIn scheduling using Sendible is easy to use and the platform has all the tools and features to make it an effective tool for business owners that want to take control of their social media.

A good example of this is the simple workflow for employees or agencies to create posts and then submit them to the business owner/manager for approval.

You can also  use Sendible for all your other social media as well and use the analytics and message inbox to keep track of your companies social conversations.

Sendible offers a free 14-day trial, but there is no free option and pricing starts at just £25 per month

Pros – User-friendly, simple, and effective scheduling tool with great analytics and reporting.

Cons – No free option if just using one social media platform


Sprout Social is the top of line social media scheduler.

With its smart inbox, automation tools and analytics it is a great tool.

The platform allows you to post to personal LinkedIn profiles and company pages in a quick and simple workflow.

However the starting cost is $99 per month, which means you need to have a large social media presence and team in place to make this worthwhile.  I think SproutSocial is overkill for the average small business LinkedIn scheduling tool.

Pros – Easy to use with great analytics and workflow management

Cons – Expensive for small businesses with a small social media footprint


At DowSocial we have used Hootsuite for over seven years and even been part of the companies ambassador program in the past.

We have however moved largely away from it in the last 18 months as the functionality has not kept up with the likes of Sendible or SproutSocial.

We do not like the way it formats posts we create for posting on LinkedIn as they just do not look right once they are posted.

One key advantage though is that if you are only looking for a scheduler for your personal profile and company page and nothing else. Then Hootsuite can be used for free.

Their basic pricing includes up to three platform connections for free. More than enough if you are only scheduling on LinkedIn.

Hootsuite LinkedIn schedulingUsing Hootsuite you are able to post to

Pros – Free to use options

Cons – Outdated, clunky and not always best transfer or post to LinkedIn

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