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Businesses can save hundreds of hours each year by recording their meetings and using the transcripts to create meeting notes and minutes in a fraction of the time of manual creation.

So far the best AI tool for meeting notes and minutes we have found is Claude 2 

Claude 2 vs ChatGPT For Meeting Notes

Claude is a better tool for meeting notes and transcriptions as it is designed to

Handle larger volumes of data. You can easily upload pdfs or copy large strings of text which it automatically converts into a .txt file. We have found it has no problem absorbing a 90 minute transcript from one of our meetings. ChatGPT can generally only handle 10 – 12 minutes of transcripts at a time meaning that the process of chain the prompts together to analyse a larger document takes a lot longer and has less predictable accuracy and value.

Create Higher Quality Summaries: The summaries and outputs you get from Claude 2 seem to be of a higher standard than ChatGPT for larger files and because it can absorb larger files it seems to be able to expand in a more concise and reliable way.

Free Version Works Well: There is not currently a paid version of Claude 2, meaning that we are able to produce better outcomes with Claude for free

Limitations of Claude 2

This does not mean that Claude 2 is a better tool overall than ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a more flexible and developed platform giving it significant advantages when it comes to platform stability, accessibility and functionality range.

There is not currently a premium version of Claude 2 meaning that you only get around 5 prompts before you run out of prompts. It is also a more established platform with a wide functionality range, including code interpreter and the ever-growing library of plugins.

So for transcribing conversations Claude 2 has the advantage but with AI evolving rapidly there will likely be other tools that compete or even outperform Claude 2 and ChatGPT in the near future so it is worth keeping an eye on what is available in the market.