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LinkedIn Connection Request

You have received a LinkedIn connection request from somebody that you are interested in working with.

What do you do next?

The most important thing is that you do something. A LinkedIn connection request is sent for a reason, no harm can come from finding out what that reason was.

It could be that there potential opportunity behind their request. Or less excitingly that they want to sell you a product or that you were suggested by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Either way, you have a brilliant opportunity to start a conversation and develop a relationship. Don’t throw it away with inaction. Who knows what kind of opportunity could come from a less than a minute of your time following up with a personalised response.

What LinkedIn Message Should You Send?

This is a message that one of our clients implemented and led to a new lead literally the first time they sent it.

Hi <First Name> thanks for the connection request, how did you find me? Is there a specific reason you clicked connect or are you just building your connections?

This is effective as it is designed to elicit a response without sounding to prying or demanding. The rest of the conversation can be sculpted depending on the response and developed into a lead where appropriate.

A Few Rules To Follow

Do Not Start Selling Straight Away

It can be tempting to start selling to new contacts almost immediately, let them get to know you a little first. If you start selling immediately or without gauging their interest is likely to annoy your new connection and destroy any goodwill.

Do Not Be Overly Familiar

You have connected with this person on LinkedIn, they are not your friend so a professional and on brand communication style will be best.

Like and Share Their LinkedIn Content

If you have just connected with someone, you can build bridges by liking and sharing their content on LinkedIn. Whilst this does not mean they have to reciprocate or buy from you it is a good way of fostering goodwill and creating a platform to build from. 

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