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Whether you are experienced using Facebook for your business or are just getting started.

  • Identify how to reach your target audience
  • Choose the right advertising objectives to achieve your goals
  • Help you create content that engagement
  • Measure results and keep ahead of changing trends

WE CAN HELP give you the strategies and training to create a consistent source of visibility, engagement and leads for your business.

We teach you how to use LinkedIn effectively to generate targeted awareness and generate leads

  • How ​to set up their profile correctly
  • What to post to your personal profile
  • What and how often to post to a company page
  • How to build your LinkedIn company page
  • How to start meaningful conversations with potential clients
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Blog cover for introduction of Weekly LInkedIn Connection Request Limit

Weekly LinkedIn Connection Request Limit Introduced

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In a bit to tackle automation and spam, LinkedIn has introduced a weekly connection limit of 100 requests per week. This is a great step forward for the platform as…
Blog cover how often to post on LinkedIn

Rough Guide To How Often To Post On LinkedIn [Infographic]

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Posting organic content that boosts your visibility and builds a reputation is key on LinkedIn. There are four main channels for which we have put together a rough guide on…

Hootsuite Announce Staggering Price Increase Of Up To 1000%

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Hootsuite has shocked their longest-serving customers with the kind of price increase that makes Martin Shrekli look benevolent. We look at what is driving the staggering 10x price increase for…

How To Use LinkedIn Events To Grow Your Sales & Email List in [2021]

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New functionality means that LinkedIn events in 2021 can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy that can grow your sales and email list in 2021. LinkedIn events have…

We create, market and deliver high-quality seminars

Working With Us….

Strategy & Social Media Training

We analyse your business and your objectives and come up with a tailored social media strategy for you and your  business. We go over everything step by step and can create a strategy to build your business.

These sessions can be run one to one with business owners or with an entire marketing team

Training Workshops & Seminars

we can design and deliver social media training workshops and seminars for groups of 8 to 800.

So whether you run a business network and want to deliver a valuable education slot or a seminar that will be full with your prospects we can help.

Social Media Management

We offer managment services for social media and content writing. This is only available to clients that have previously completed strategy or product focused training

Online Training

we have an online training course that gives you the basics of how to set up, run and monitor your campaigns