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Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

Learn the advanced strategies and tactics that will grow your in 2024

17th April – Peterborough

This workshop will cover the strategic approaches and tactics you need to grow your business using LinkedIn.

Covering everything from profile optimisation to content creation, building a network and lead generation.

We will teach you how to

  • Make LinkedIn a profitable part of your marketing strategy
  • Turn your profile & page into high-converting landing pages
  • Create content that is visible and engaging to your audience
  • Build a valuable network of connections
  • Generate leads and opportunities


Fundamentals of LinkedIn

  • Brief overview of LinkedIn’s for sales and marketing
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s unique tools and features

Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a professional and engaging LinkedIn profile
  • Tips on using keywords, endorsements, and recommendations effectively

Content Creation and Posting Strategies

  • Crafting compelling content: articles, posts, and videos
  • Best practices for regular engagement and building an audience

Networking and Relationship Building on LinkedIn

  • Techniques for expanding and engaging your network
  • Using LinkedIn groups and messages to connect with industry leaders and potential clients

Lead Generation

  • How to use LinkedIn to generate opportunities

Location: Peterborough, PE4 5BH

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Speaker Mission

Kristian founded DowSocial in 2013 with a mission to help owners and directors get clarity about the role of social media within their business.

Driven by years of watching in frustration as the digital marketing industry devours the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs. Overwhelming them with jargon, complicated metrics and a lack of a clear pathway to growth.

Kristian has had enough of the lost revenue, frustration and inaction for businesses jaded by the impact of bad advice, overwhelming choice and a lack of strategic direction.

The talks are designed to help attendees get clarity on what they need to do to improve their social media and instil the accountability to take action.

He delivers talks that are both hard hitting and light-hearted at the same time, with audiences appreciating his candour and insights in equal measure.

Speaker Credentials

Kristian speaks regularly at events run by Facebook, Enterprise Nation and Vodafone and is regularly invited to speak by trade groups such as the FSB and Chamber of Commerce.

He is a #Shemeansbusiness accredited trainer as part of the Enterprise Nation and Facebook campaign to boost the British economy by investing in training female founders to succeed on social media.

He has also created the DowSocial Marketing Workshops where he brings together hundreds of local business owners and highly rated speakers to deliver marketing insights to the business community.

Speaker Topics

  • Social Media Strategy
  • LinkedIn, Meta and TikTok
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Media Advertising