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By October 6, 2015 Email Marketing

How To Create A Lead MagnetOne of the most powerful ways for businesses to build their email list is to produce a piece of information that interested potential customers can download by filling out a form and giving the business owner their email address.

This is commonly known as a lead magnet and is usually given away for free, however this does not mean that each download does not deliver value to your business.

The value of giving away a free guide or lead magnet is the trade of the guide for the user’s email address.  This is a valuable transaction, unlike social media and website visits, getting someone on your mailing list is long term.  If you tailor your content right and add value with every interaction then your list will stay with you.

This gives you the opportunity to put your business in front of that user over and over again, building awareness, trust and opportunity. Hopefully they will become an engaged member of your list and even if they do not become a customer, they can become a potential advocate or referrer.

How To Create A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be a competition, guide or white paper that has information or a prize that your client values.

When writing a free guide it should provide an overview (but not all your IP) that addresses a topic that is a pain point for your target market or of interest to them. This could be an overview of the industry that you work within, or a really niche guide to a specific product or service offering.

It does not need to be too long, you are looking to entertain and educate but not tell the reader everything you know about a topic. Here is how to create a lead magnet.

  • Talk about a topic that is a pain point or interest point for your target market
  • Deliver something of value but do not give away the store
  • Get it graphically produced to appeal visibly to your audience
  • Keep it relatively short to keep attention 2-3 pages as PDF

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