How Facebook Ads Work For Landscape Gardening Companies

By February 26, 2019 General Business Topics

Facebook Ads are perfect for service based companies as you can showcase the product and start a conversation without the consumer having to disrupt their digital rhythm.

Landscape gardening is the perfect service for Facebook as it is visual and high value. Creating a higher acceptable cost per acquisition than commodity products and services such as window cleaning or guttering.

Our experience shows us there is a large number of qualified and motivated buyers out there if the messaging and imagery is right.

No matter how good the images and text you put together there will always be misclicks, tire kickers and mischief makers, but these should be ignored rather than focused on because they are more visible than on other ads.

Messaging Ads Work Best For Landscape Gardening Companies

There are a number of different “objectives” you can choose within Facebook for your adverts including getting clicks to your website or getting someone to fill out a form.

The most effective objective for gardeners is in our opinion “Send Message” where the user is encouraged to message the Facebook page of the advertising company and is guided through a series of potential questions they can ask to get the ball rolling.

This is great as it opens up a conversation with the user so they can be qualified in a friendly way and any questions or objections can be handled on the way to booking a free consultation.

Don’t Forget To Retarget

Using the messaging feature you can retarget people who have visited your website or engaged with you page in some way. However the most powerful conversion tool is retargeting those who have messaged your page before.

Once you have built up a messaging history, you can change the ad to “Sponsored Message” which goes to all the people who have messaged you before.

This allows you to mop up those that showed an interest but did not give over their details or just fell out of contact. This means that you get extra value from your original ad investment particularly as the cost of these ads is miniscule compared to running ads to new people.

What Should Your Facebook Ad Say and What Images Should You Use?

Your Facebook Ad text and images should be designed to reflect the work that your company does but also create a reaction from the right users.

Text Tips

  • Call out your audience in the first sentence
  • Use bullet points to break up key ideas
  • Reference the image themes
  • Have a clear call to action

Image/Video Tips

  • Make sure your images/text stand out
  • Go for wow
  • Don’t ad any text to the image itself

Landscape Gardeners Facebook Ads

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