Why Building An Email List Is More Important Than Social Media Followers

By March 23, 2015 Email Marketing

Email marketing social mediaBuilding an engaged email list is a simple and effective way of building the marketing reach of your business. Whilst email marketing may not be as sexy to owner managers as the allure of social media it should be the priority.

There are a number of reasons why the priority of social media should be the driver to the website/email list rather than just building a following.

Personalising Your Message

Building up a number of likes, follows and an engaged audience is awesome and can develop leads, but the problem is that it is here and now. If you build a social following of more than a few dozen it may become impossible to communicate with them regularly on a personal level.

Therefore by getting your social media fans to join your newsletter or download a guide using their email address then you can send them highly targeted and personalised communication at a time place of your choosing

Time – Social Media Is Transient

The attention span of users on social media is short, particularly on a platform like Twitter where the home feed is rolling over at a mile a minute. Therefore only a percentage of your potential audience will see your message.

By sending email communications you provide a message with no character/time limits that a user can easily refer back to.

You Don’t Control Social Media

If you are using social media as your primary method of interacting with your audience then you are at risk of the platform changing its terms (Facebook), suspending your account with no right of appeal (Twitter) or having its audience shrink (Myspace).

Facebook is the case in point, many small businesses were able to build huge audiences on their Facebook pages. However changes in the Facebook algorithm means that the number of people that see their posts has rapidly declined.

Therefore it is imperative that you drive traffic to your website or email marketing rather than promoting other social media channels.

It is these factors that mean that having a vibrant and engaged email list is more important than building a huge social media audience.

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