What To Do When Your Business Facebook Post Goes Viral

By May 16, 2016 Facebook

Last weekend one of the companies we have trained to manage their own social media posts went viral beyond anything they could have imagined. By posting content that struck a chord with their audience at the optimum time things took off and they got in touch asking what they should do.

The business owners had many questions, ranging from how to measure the success they were having in relation to the benefit to the business, how to monetise this virality and what to do in the coming days and weeks.Viral

The sent a post out at 6.30pm to on a Friday to their Facebook audience of 1,500 women aged between 25 and 65.  By Monday morning, they had reached 6m people with their post and had hit a huge part of their locally focused audience but also spread across the globe.

Ride The Wave

The first piece of advice we had was for the team to enjoy it, they had worked with us to plan a strategy and now the execution was paying off, part of the joy of this moment is taking a second to bask in the fact their local media product had exploded across the globe.

Post Great Follow Up Content

Once you have gone viral on Facebook you should review all planned posts to ensure they are of a high quality. A viral Facebook post creates an advantage in that future posts receive a bump in reach as Facebook determines that your audience likes what you have to say. Future posts should supplement this by making sure that the content remains relevant to your audience.

Don’t Go For The Commercial Kill

Lots of likes and shares can create a demand to post adverts or content that is too sales orientated. Avoid the temptation to kill your audience reach by going too commercial.

By all means make sure posts have relevant calls to action, but make your content about the relationship with your audience and not the bottom line.

Reevaluate The Strategy

Sustained success is rarely accidental so after a success, it is beneficial to evaluate what worked and what can be refined to optimise the value of your digital footprint. Keep evaluating your strategy when things are working, as well as when they are not.


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