What Should Your Business Blog About?

By June 5, 2016 Blogging

What Should I Blog AboutAt DowSocial we know that businesses find a lack of time, training and a struggle to come up with things to blog about are key reasons that businesses are not blogging regularly enough to maximise the potential of their website.

Many businesses find it difficult to come up with things to write about for their business blog, so knowing what your business should blog about is an important marketing question.

Do You Have Nothing To Blog About?

Many businesses think that their business is too boring to write regular content, but this is simply not true. Every business has a story to tell, a reason why they set up the business, sell certain solutions or approach their industry in a certain way.

Whether you sell trendy fashion items to teenagers or software to grey-suited executives your business can find enough topics to cover that will educate, engage and dare we say entertain your audience.

Writing Business Blog Posts



What Should Your Business Blog About?

Depending on your business there are a number of different things you can blog about that will have an interest to your audience. Just remember the purpose of your blog is to share information with your audience and not to sell.

There are a number of different areas you can blog about that will educate, engage and potentially entertain your target audience. For context we have looked at this from the perspective of an accountancy firm looking for things to blog about

  1. News in your industry and how it will affect your customers (How UK Budget Affects Your Business)
  2. Industry Analysis (How tax avoidance publicity will affect HMRC policies to small businesses)
  3. Solutions to problems related to your industry (How To Pick The Right Accountancy Software)
  4. Explain problems that your business solved (Do I need to VAT register my business?)
  5. Stories about your company (Congratulations on our latest chartered accountant Dave)
  6. Success Stories/Milestones (ABC Accountants Now Helping 200 companies with their tax needs)
  7. Helpful Lists (10 things to check before submitting your tax return)

These are just a few different topic areas that could be used to generate ideas for your business blog. If you are stuck or need some inspiration why not get a sample blog from DowSocial.

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