Why You Should Think Twice Before Using A Virtual Assistant For Social Media

By March 10, 2014 Social Media Marketing

Social media

Social media outsource is a growth industry.

As businesses look to be active in the social space but lack the time or knowledge to do it themselves. There has been a huge increase in demand for social media outsource services.

This has led to many considering using a Virtual Assistant for social media posts as part of their service.

I believe that this is not a natural fit, because social media is not a routine task. It is one of creativity linked to a strategy.

Let me start by saying that virtual assistants are awesome.

They provide a flexible service that allows businesses to focus on growing their business. The industry is growing quickly and is key driver in the move towards the freelance economy new companies are launching at a rapid pace.

However despite their awesome skill set there is however a big difference between the huge range of tasks they offer and social media/content marketing.

These tasks tend to be process driven with a firm paying per hour or per task for the ever useful services provided. 

Why Social Specialists Are Different Than A Virtual Assistant For Social Media

Social media is so much more than tweets, facebook or Google+ posts and requires a very different skillset than that of a traditional virtual assistant.

Social media/content marketing is a specialist and ever evolving skill that requires a defined strategy and integration into the overall marketing plan of a business.

Obviously the points I make to debunk the use of a Virtual Assistant for social media will not apply to every firm, there are bound to some with the necessary marketing and social skill set to provide such a service.

It is important to make the distinction between these services which is social media outsource under the umbrella of a VA service and VA’s that provide social media as a sideline.

With the latter the success of a content marketing plan is likely to be higher when devised and implemented by a specialist. This is because the social specialist will have a background in the field and will be continuously adapting content and strategies as the media evolves.

However if you do need a virtual assistant here are some examples that are out there

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