Twitter For Business – How It Relates To Your Industry

By January 30, 2014 Social Media Marketing, Twitter

“Twitter for business is great, but it is not relevant to my business or industry”

This is a common misconception I often get confronted with when I tell people what I do at networking events or even on the platform itself. This dismissive view is one that I understand, but not one I agree with. My opinion is  based on my experiences, and those of my clients who are using social in many different ways to grow their businesses.

Twitter For Business – 2014 Year of Adoption

The increasing adoption of Twitter for business and other social media by businesses of all sizes is a by product of the success that professionals from a diverse range of industries are having using social media.

Whilst there may be some businesses where you can survive without social media, if you are promoting your business via face to face networking then social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter should be a key part of your marketing armoury. If they are not then you are closing off a potential relationship building tool.

Just this week I got a post from a Plasterer on LinkedIn questioning how Twitter can be used by small businesses and here are the four themes that came out of the discussion that you can read here.

Tradesman and Small Businesses Can Use Twitter To

  • Start conversations and build awareness amongst businesses that may hire you
  • Reach out to those looking for a plasterer in your area (yes they may tweet just that)
  • Build connections and enhance your reputation in the area
  • To gain referrals, Twitter is a great source of word of mouth and referrals

This list is essentially the same set of principles you may use when networking just adapted to a different platform. This is because these platforms work best when used to start and build relationships rather than to distribute a sales message.

In my free seminar “Demystifying Twitter For Small Businesses” I talk about this concept and would like to end this piece with a thought that you should consider when looking at social media.

“The principles of marketing on Twitter are the same as conventional marketing just the delivery platform is different.” – Kristian Downer 2014

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