Twitter Auto DMs Are Not Evil – 5 Things To Remember

By November 6, 2013 Social Media Marketing

I have a confession that may make me unpopular but I am a fan of the auto DM functionality that services such as SocialOomph provide. However I am delighted that Twitter has albeit temporarily suspended the ability to send links via DM.

This is fantastic news as it means that this method of spam has been largely eradicated forcing those who want to use them to be more engaging with their customers than just spamming them a link.

Things To Remember

  1. Direct selling won’t work
  2. Asking legitimate questions to targeted followers will start a conversation
  3. Offering  something that will help your customer will get them engaging
  4. Monitor and reply to responses in authentic way to build the relationship
  5. Tailor your message to your target market

Why I Love Auto DMs

I am a fan of auto-DMs as a way of starting conversations with followers the removal of links has killed off the spammers uncluttering inboxes meaning effective messages can get through. I want to start real conversations with the followers of the brands that I manage.

You can offer things using them but they should be to solve a problem or provide help/advice rather than push someone

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