Time To Make Friday The Most Important Day Of Your Social Media Week

By June 10, 2016 Social Media Marketing

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Friday may be the best day of the week, but at DowSocial we believe that it is also the most important of the week too for social media managers.

This is because today is the day businesses can make sure they are ahead of the game by scheduling the majority of their social media content for the week ahead. This allows social media managers and business owners to walk into the office on a Monday ready to take on the world.

Whilst many of the businesses we work with use Friday to create content for the scheduling of content, anytime you can book out some time to focus on social media during the week is a good time.

Why Schedule Social Media Content?

By scheduling the bulk of content in advance you should be able to save time and decrease the time it takes to create new content. This changes the way you interact with social media during working hours. Instead of ducking in and out under pressure to create content you can  instead during the week you can be checking into social media to interact and have meaningful conversations with your audience.

Imagine the relief walking into the office on a Monday knowing that more than 70% of your social media content is taken care of and you can focus on other aspects of your role.

Tools For Scheduling Content Out

There are a number of different tools you can use to schedule social media content and we have picked out three that might be worth a gander for your business.

Hootsuite – A hugely popular platform Hootsuite allows businesses to schedule social media content on all the major social media channels. We must admit a bias as we are Hootsuite ambassadors, considering many businesses can use the free version it is a great starter kit for businesses getting into social media.

Sprout Social –  Sprout Social is a clean and easy to use platform.  More expensive than Hootsuite it has more bells and whistles and an excellent reporting platform.

Meet Edgar – A new platform and a little pricey, Meet Edgar allows businesses to schedule content at set time from a library of content they create.

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