Three Reasons To Love Email Marketing

By July 8, 2015 Email Marketing

The concept of email marketing has had its detractors over the years due to the bad practices of a small number of marketers who are either lazy; or do not understand the potential it has when implemented properly.

Email marketing is, an opt-in form of communication that means on some level the person you are communicating with has to want your email and/or at the very least have volunteered their details. This is certainly not the kind of emailing that involves helping men find mail order brides or the blue pills the spammers assume they will need as an up sell.

At DowSocial we are passionate about the power of email marketing, to us it is not just a theory it is something we see work for our business and our clients on a daily basis.

We have worked with software platforms across the discipline from those at the bottom such as Mailchimp to specialist small business operators such as Constant Contact (highly recommended) to the high functionality end of the market Infusionsoft.

A well nurtured email list that is sent the right information at the right time can a game changing cog in your digital marketing machine.

Three reasons to love email marketing

Three Reasons To Love Email Marketing

  1. It allows you to build trust with your audience

Whether you operate Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) regular email contact with the right content, allows your email list of customers and potential customers to get to know your business.

This builds awareness and trust that will ultimately lead to sales and referrals.

  1. You Own The Data

Social media is awesome but the the followers/likes you attract and the communities you build are owned by the social media site. If Twitter or Facebook fall in popularity, shut down or change their terms of service you are powerless.

Therefore you must collect data that you own. Email is the way to do that and the social media platforms will let you advertise to do just that.

  1. People Actually Read Their Emails

It may be hard to believe but 91% of people check their emails every day, this is far higher than those who check all their social media channels.

Not just that people get fewer emails than updates whizzing by on social media so your % reach can be 10 – 20x higher than it would be posting to your artificially reach throttled Facebook page.

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