The Impact of The Digital Native On B2B Marketing

By September 16, 2015 General Business Topics

Digital NativeThe word “digital native” is becoming increasingly important in understanding the way businesses market and communicate. The term “digital native” is a term that references those that grew up with the internet and are naturally technologically driven due to this exposure at an early age.

This is a term driven by age, age plays an important part of marketing, this is because when we were born and the environment in which we grow up affects our experience of the world.

Why Digital Nativity Matters

This is particularly important when talking about digital marketing, as there is a fundamental difference in the experience between those born before 1984 and those born afterwards.

Those that were born before this date grew up before the internet age and have a different experience of interacting with the world than those born afterwards.

Creating buy in and implementing digital marketing to businesses is defined by what side of this line the decision makers fall. Digital natives are intuitively aware of the potential of digital marketing whereas non-natives need to go through a learning and development process before seeing the potential.

Over time this is going to change.

The impact of digital natives is slowly rippling through the business to business world as the first digital natives approach 30 and are having an increasing level of influence on traditional organisations.

Even the digital non-natives have adapted in the last few years and our business has grown as we help them make the change to the digital landscape.

The way in which businesses market B2B has been significantly affected by the rise of digital and content based marketing. This is going to accelerate as the key decision makers at organisations start to fall into the digital native category.

We are not going to see traditional business development tools such as the phone, direct marketing disappearing, they will just be increasingly supported by the digital efforts of a company.


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