Will Facebook Influence The EU Referendum Result?

By June 22, 2016 Facebook

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If you are not politically focused then social media has not been your friend in recent weeks but has all the Facebook EU referendum talk actually made a difference to the polls?

The EU referendum Facebook coverage has intensified in the run-up to the vote, So much so that even Facebook wanted us to take a breather by removing the EU referendum from its default status suggestions.

In the run-up to last year’s General Election, we attended a few events analysing the impact of social media on that campaign, and it appeared to be the consensus of the elected MPs and experienced campaigners that social media is an echo chamber rather than a place of debate. People seek out the opinions they already identify with rather than seeking new ones.

However, this has been an election where Facebook advertising and video have played a major role in the campaign. It has been a way for both sides to reach audiences that do not watch election debates or read leaflets shoved through their door. This could make an impact on those that are undecided, but there is no way to measure this.

Instant EU Referendum Facebook Impact

One area where Facebook may have had influence though is in getting younger voters to register to vote with reports that 100,000 people registered to vote online the day that Facebook posted a reminder to register at the top of everyone’s profiles.

The impact of Facebook on the referendum may not be known, but with younger voters thought to favour the remaining campaign in the polls, the voter registration may be significant. As for the video and discussions, videos, images and meme’s we may never know how they influence the decision.

DowSocial Referendum Position – We don’t have one, and even if we did we would want you to make your decision on your own.


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