The Curious Case Of The Vanishing Facebook Page Likes

By March 17, 2015 Facebook

vanishing facebook page likes

If you run an established Facebook page then you may have noticed that some of your facebook page likes have vanished in the last week or so

According to their blog post last week Facebook are doing some housekeeping to remove page likes originating from memorialized (accounts of Facebook accounts where the user has died) or deactivated accounts.

There is also evidence from our observations that inactive and fake accounts are also being affected. This process is apparently ongoing and may last a few weeks.

Some major brands have seen notable decreases in their likes including ESPN (UK) and bizarrely music act Enya.

How Will My Business Be Affected

For the majority of Facebook business page owners particularly newer pages or those with less than 10,000 likes the effects are likely to be neglible.

Even if your page has lost some likes, there is little cause for concern. As long as Facebook are targeting inactive users then apart from the loss of pride from having less followers there is no impact on your marketing as you cannot market or sell to an account.

Our View

We own and manage a number of large accounts and have noticed some vanishing page likes on our larger accounts, including several thousand on our long established page with more than 1m likes.

The reach of our posts has however stayed the same and even increased on some pages suggesting that Facebook are genuinely targeting inactive accounts.  This is a positive for Facebook marketers as it reduces some of the social media misinformation.

The icing on the cake would be if this update is affecting the fake likes being sold to unsuspecting businesses. These likes are inactive and add no value. They cloud the social media landscape and we are firmly in favour of any action that restricts or exposes this activity.

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