Three Things A Successful LinkedIn Marketer Does Everyday (That Includes You)

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This may not make comfortable reading, but if you have a Linkedin profile then you are by default a LinkedIn Marketer.

By having a Linkedin profile you are acknowledging that on some level you have a personal brand, so if your existing and potential employers, contacts and prospects are finding you on LinkedIn maybe it is time to dust of the LinkedIn profile and start maximising the value of your presence.

Becoming A Successful LinkedIn Marketer

Once you have nailed the profile we are stuck with the reality that as with all social media regular activity is required to make any headway. To ensure that your efforts are as streamlined as possible we have researched the habits of a successful LinkedIn marketer.

After analysing what is working for DowSocial and our clients we have boiled down the tactics that a successful LinkedIn marketer uses every day into three basic concepts.

Successful LinkedIn Marketer

Share Content

Even if you only have a couple of minutes between meetings posting an update can help keep you in the mind of your connections.

Also, Linkedin rewards people that take part in their network so make sure you join in. You can do this by commenting and adding opinion to home feed posts or on groups. By doing this you boost your visibility and reputation by sharing your knowledge and professional opinions.

Make The Right Connections

Even adding one new connection per day can have a cumulative effect on the impact of your LinkedIn profile.

By building targeted connections you have the ability to message these contacts directly but also for them to see your updates, building this audience ensures that your LinkedIn posts carry maximum value by reaching the right people.

Follow Up

Whatever marketing activity you do to promote your business following up is crucial if it is going to be successful. So if you make a connection that you can start a meaningful conversation with then get cracking. If someone recommends you, then get in touch and if someone asks you a question answer it.

The concepts are simple but when applied consistently there is a successful LinkedIn marketer hidden in all of us.

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