What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use?

By August 11, 2014 General Business Topics


One of the first questions I get asked by those new to social media is, should my business be on every social media channel? The short answer is no. With so many different diverse platforms, it is impractical and unnecessary to try and be on every social platform.

So, What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use?

Deciding what social media platforms to use for your business, should be deliberated upon as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Your approach should be designed to utilise the character, values and behaviours of your business and your customers.

You should identify the platforms that your customers are most active on, and focus on doing these well. This is preferable to the scattergun approach of trying to be active on everyone, and not giving them the attention they need.  This can be negative as infrequent posting could suggest a lack of attention to detail and focus within your organisation.

What Social Media Platforms Do My Customers Use?

To determine which social media platforms your customers use, you should create as much information about the demographics and behaviours of your ideal customer as possible. The more you know the easier they will be to target and engage with using social media.

For more retail based businesses Facebook and/or Pinterest are worth exploring, but B2B LinkedIn cannot be ignored as the professional social network with more than 15m UK users.

This analysis is not definitive, depending on customer behaviours. For example many companies marketing B2B find Facebook an effective tool. Particularly when using it’s highly targeted advertising platform.

What social media platforms should your business use? Is not easy to answer, but whatever your analysis suggests try not to not to overreach. Start small and build rather than go scattergun and retreat to a choice few.

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