Social Media Burnout – How To Avoid It In Your Business

By November 23, 2016 Digital Marketing

Untargeted social media can end up being all consuming, so how do businesses avoid social media burnout.

Business social media burnout is a real problem that can damage the health of your employees and your digital marketing.  The good news is that it is relatively easy to prevent with planning.

How to avoid social media burnout

How To Avoid Social Media Burnout

Define How Much Time You Can Realistically Commit

The first step is to be realistic and define what you want to achieve from your social media and what time you can justify from an ROI perspective. Whether this is five minutes or five hours a week, calculating this will allow you to devise a strategy and content plan that maximises the impact of the time you can dedicate.

Limit The Digital Marketing Platforms You Use To Match Your Available Time

If you only have five minutes a week to spend on digital marketing then sending a touch base email to your existing customers and email marketing newsletter is far better than sending a random array of tweets. Limit the number of platforms you use and delete or unpublish those that you do not have the time to use. This is particularly important when you start up as you can add platforms as you build confidence and get faster, working smarter instead of harder.

Use Social Media Management Platforms

Social media burnout can be managed by using the time you have available efficiently. Rather than checking platforms like Twitter and Facebook individually save time and exposure to distractions by accessing them through management platforms such as Hootsuite. This extra time can be used to increase your activity and the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

Don’t Check Your Business Social Media During Breaks

The temptation can be to check the business Twitter or Facebook accounts during breaks in your day, this can be a good way to squeeze more time into your day but means that you are not actually taking a break. Digital marketing and social media is a work activity, treat it as one within your business so you and your team get time away from a screen to relax and reboot.

We hope these tips will help you avoid business social media burnout.

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